Since 1976, we have been partnering with Alaskans to help their businesses thrive by providing a single source for point of sale, payment processing, and IT solutions - backed by excellent customer service.

In 1976, John and Phyllis Skurla founded Skurla's Cash Register Company in the basement of their house in Turnagain.  Over the years, they grew and moved to various locations throughout Spenard, and have sold cash registers and point of sale systems to over 140 communities across the state of Alaska.  

One of John's favorite sayings  - nothing is more permanent than change.  It was this attitude that helped develop a company that started in the electronic cash register business and evolved to the full point of sale solution and payment provider they are today.

John always had a story to tell you, and Phyllis always had a kind word to greet you with when you entered the office.  John and Phyllis have since retired, but their spirit and business principles are still in practice today.

The staff at Skurla's are all professionals - trained and certified in the Point of Sale and Payments industries.  And we live right here in Alaska, still providing the same level of personal service as the founders of the company.  Please stop by and visit us at 524 W. International Airport Road in Anchorage.  Or even better, join us for our BBQ/potluck on the last Friday of every month.  We too have stories to tell and a kind word to greet you with when you come through our front door.

We are certified by the Retail Solutions Provider Association
and the Electronic Transactions Association.
 We QIR certified - A PCI Security Council Qualified Integrator and Reseller
This means you are working with experts and trusted advisers in the point of sale and payments fields.
  • We are a local provider of Point of Sale Restaurant, Grocery, Retail  and Payment Technology – Software, Hardware, Gift/Loyalty/Credit Card Services, Paper Supplies & Ribbons, Support, Service, Training, and Implementation for Restaurant, Grocery and Retail Systems. 
  • We service and support our customer across the entire state of Alaska, and have traveled extensively throughout rural Alaska.
  • We are Alaskans with over 40 years of point of sale and payment experience. 
  • We offer a wide range of point of sale solutions for every budget. 
  • We are long term partners with our customers.


And - we guarantee that you will be happy with our partnership!  Our goal is for each of customers to answer a resounding "Yes!" to each of these questions:

  1. Do our solutions/products meet your needs? 
  2. Have we been responsive to your questions or concerns? 
  3. Is our customer service representative eager to help you? 
  4. Do we respond in a timely manner, resolve your issues, and keep you apprised of the situation? 
  5.  Do we advise you on the general scope/cost of the services we are providing? 
  6. Do we communicate with you on a regular basis?  
  7.  Are you satisfied with our services and happy with our partnership?
What We Believe In: 

TEAMWORK:       We use teamwork with our customers, vendors and each other to deliver superior solutions and  create long term partnerships.

EXCELLENCE:   We strive for excellence in everything we do – leveraging our vast industry knowledge to provide the very best products, solutions, and customer service.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY:   We are honest and fair and strive to do the right thing.

ACCOUNTABILITY & STRUCTURE: We consistently provide positive and effective solutions for our customers, through structure, accountability, and taking ownership of our actions.

VALUE:  We provide more value to our customers than we receive in payment.

TRUST:  We establish trust with our customers, vendors and each other - by doing what we say and following our core values.

FUN:  We like to inject fun and humor in most everything we do.

Ready To Join Our Team?

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