MasterCard is adding a new range of card numbers that begin with a ‘2’


 MasterCard’s new 2-series cards will work the same as the current 5-series cards that begin with a “5.” Card issuers can begin issuing the new version of MasterCard. The first six digits of a credit card number, otherwise known as the Bank Identification Number (BIN), determine how transactions are routed and identify the issuing bank. All parties’ payment applications/solutions m
ust be able to accommodate this new BIN range, including those utilized by: acquirers, processors, issuers, and merchants.  mastercard.jpgMerchants have until June 2017 to get their systems ready.  

FOR NoLoad TRAN™ USERS: (DialTran, IPTran, TwinTran)

Software Version 3.83 and above installed after August 1, 2016
No Action Required

Software Version 3.83 installed before August 1, 2016
Close the batch and reload Tran Application via Tran Management Software or ECR Commands (no upgrade fees)

Software Version 3.82 and below

  • Upgrade to latest application via PSCS. Standard upgrade rates may apply
    • Close the batch and reload the Tran Application via Tran Management Software or ECR commands
  • Legacy DataTran equipment will require a device upgrade to a NoLoad Tran appliance:
    • DialTran, TwinTran, IPTran, IPTran LT, TwinTran Server or TranCloud

For more information on the update to the Mastercard BIN range, please call us at 907-243-2683 or click on the link below.

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