Tech Tip: If the Registers Do Not Show"TOTALS CLEARED" in the Morning


Tech Tip:  On the Aurora NCC Point of Sale System, registers must show "Totals Cleared" before starting a new day. If it does not, it means that the computer in the back did not communicate with the registers.

Aurora - Totals Cleared

If you do not do the following, totals may be lost!

Make sure all the terminals are logged out. Go to each one and press Logout before doing the end of day.

Go to the back office computer (PC) - Check the PDS Monitor on the PC (small icon by the time on start bar).

(The PDS icon may also be in the hidden icons button which is accessed by pressing the triangle (^) to the left of the speaker icon.)

PDS monitor


Make sure all the terminals have "connected" by it.

If not started, press Start PDS. If it is started, press Stop PDS, then Start PDS.

PDS Monitor 2


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