A Must Read for All Business Owners - How To Avoid Charge Backs


If you accept credit cards in your business and want to avoid charge backs and/or reduce credit card fraud,  we strongly encourage you to read this article from TSYS, one of our favorite preferred credit card processors:

" Charge Backs, Why They Happen, How to Prevent Them"


See the list of the questions about charge backs answered in this article:

  • What is a charge back?
  • Common reasons for charge backs.
  • How to prevent charge backs.
  • Warning signs of card-present fraud.
  • Warning signs of card-not-present fraud.
  • What to do when you receive a charge back.

Remember -  the liability shift happened back in 2015 -  as a business owner are liable for the cost of many of the charge backs incurred today.  EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) is the global standard for chip-based Debit and Credit Card transactions.  We want to help you prevent charge backs that you may be liable for.  

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