Point of Sale Resource for Businesses in Alaska

COVID-19 Can't Change How Alaskan's Enjoy Their Pizza and Beer

Labor Day Weekend and Office Hours

Check Out the Newest Additions to Our Retail Family

POS Supplies to Help Manage the COVID Crisis

The Importance of Checking Your Credit Card Batches Daily

Point of Sale for Independent Grocers

Another Look at EdgeServ POS - From Skurla's POS Solutions

Sanitize that Touchscreen and Other POS Devices!

Check Out Our New Online Store!

Priority for Hands-off Technology in Stores and Restaurants

Surcharging and Cash Discounting Explained

"Rent" v.s Buy Your Point of Sale - Advice from Heartland Restaurant

Independence Weekend Office Hours

Curbside Pickup for Supplies Extended

Would Customers Mind Paying a Convenience Fee?

Grocery Delivery is Here to Stay

What is Metrology and What Does It Have to With Your Grocery Store?

Understanding Daily Discounting

South Restaurant Offers Online Ordering

Spenard Roadhouse Offers Online Ordering - Yum!

Free Resource Guide for Reopening Your Restaurant in Alaska

Share Lessons Learned & Words of Wisdom

Beer and Wine Delivery in Alaska? Wow! But Read the Order Carefully!

Securely Seal Delivery and Takeout Orders for Extra Peace of Mind

Ways to Reduce/Eliminate Credit Card Fees with Cash Discount Programs

Curbside Pickup for Supplies

COVID-19 Best Practices from NGA

Recommended Cleaning for Monitors/Screens

A Must Read for Online Ordering for Restaurants!

Sharing the Stories

The New Normal? We Hope Not!

Share and Show Gratitude

Why do business with Skurla's POS Solutions?

Why EdgeServ POS

Starting a Revolution on the Edge

Finally - eWIC Integration for Point of Sale

Skurla's Acronym Test

2020 Rural Small Business Conference

Happy New Year from Skurla's!

Windows 7 End of Life January 14th, 2020

Cash Discounting Lessons from a New Payment Partner

Understanding Your Risk - Make Your Data Useless to Criminals

Surcharges, Cash Discounts - Thoughts?

Who Knew Printers Were So Smart????

Understanding Your Risk - Protect Your Business From the Internet - Please Read!

Understanding Your Risk - Use Secure Payment Terminals and Solutions

Aurora 2.0 is Launching Next Month!

4th of July Weekend and Office Hours

Understanding Your Risk - Scan for Vulnerabilities and Fix Issues

2019 State of the Restaurant Industry report

Social Media Basics: Why Your Business Needs a Loyalty Program

Get Fit With Skurla's!

Understanding Your Risk - Use Anti-Virus Software

Are You Ready for the Busy Season? Read Our Pro Tips to Help

Understanding Your Risk - Don’t Give Hackers Easy Access to Your Systems

eWIC Update for the State of Alaska

We Are Still Skurla's

Understanding Your Risk - Protect In-House Access to Your Card Data

Data Security Breach Action Plan

FSA Education: ServSafe Certification Course

Notes from the Industry Meeting

Understanding Your Risk - Use Trusted Business Partners

Essential Business Services Survey

Short on Time? We Have Paper Delivery Options

Understanding Your Risk - Install Patches

From All of Us at Skurla's - Happy New Year!

What Will Your Restaurant Look Like In 2025? Take a Sneak Peak To See If You Will Be Ready

Understanding Your Risk - Inspect Payment Terminals for Tampering

A Truck Collides with our Building and a Major Earthquake

Visa Purchase Return Authorization Mandate

Understanding Your Risk - Protect Your Card Data

4 Reasons Why This Tool Will Transform Your Business

'Tis the Season for Gift Cards!

Thomas is Attending the Alaska CHARR Convention This Week

Understanding Your Risk - Use Strong Passwords and Change Default Ones

Alaskan Restaurant and Retail Technology Trends - September 2018

Understanding Your Risk - Exploring the PCI Council's Small Merchant Guide

Why You Need A Password Manager

Updated Phone Tree

Good News! Update to the Global Thermal Paper Roll Shortage

TLS Updates - Thank You!

Global Thermal Paper Roll Shortage

Using Your Retail Point of Sale System For More Than a Cash Drawer

Using Your Restaurant Point of Sale System For More Than a Cash Drawer

Reminder: Protect Your Point of Sale or Cash Drawer from Theft

Warning - You May Not Be Able to Accept Credit Cards Next Month!

Understanding the TLS Issue & Why Your Credit Cards May Stop Working!

PCI Council Announces Changes to Qualified Integrators & Resellers Program

Take 5 Minutes to Read About PCI & Security - It Could Save Your Business

A Must Read for All Business Owners - How To Avoid Charge Backs

Update from the Paper Industry - January 5, 2018

From All of Us at Skurla's - Happy New Year!

Paper Industry - Good News and Not So Great News

Good to Know If You Use a Scanner At Your Store or Retail Outlet

Discover Also Says "No More Signing on the Dotted Line"

Striving for Better Communications - With Our New Phone System!

Don't Forget to "Fall Back" on Sunday - Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries

What is New and Trending with Point of Sale Systems

Mastercard Says "No More Signing on the Dotted Line"

He Answers to Many Names, Just Not Tom

Eye Opening Article - Anatomy of a Data Breach

Tourist Season - Yes, It is a Thing in Alaska

What the Future Holds for Restaurants and Retail

What Can You Say About Jesse.....

The Importance of Checking Your Credit Card Batches

4th of July Weekend and Office Hours - Happy 4th to our Customers

4th of July Weekend and Office Hours - Skurla's POS Solutions

WannaCry?  4 Steps to Stay Protected from Ransomware

Big Data - What is the Big Deal?

From Oracle Hospitality: Trends Influencing Point of Sale (POS)

We have a Superhero - and his name is Jeff

Pay at the Table and EMV - What Does it Mean for your Restaurant?

Mastercard Update Alert

Emergency Supply Kits - Be a Hero!

Friendly Help When You Call Our Office

Are You Ready for the Busy Season?

What Happened with the Internet Yesterday? What is Your Disaster Plan?

Take Advantage of our Free Annual System Review

Reasons to work with a local point of sale company

Choosing a Point of Sale System for your New Business

Pesky Windows 10 Update Now Has Serious Consequences

Merchants Must Use Qualified Integrators/Reseller (QIR) Professionals

Skurla's is QIR Certified

How to Protect your Kitchen Printer

MICROS 3700 EMV Solutions

Rural Small Business Conference - Win $100!

EMV Update From NCR Counterpoint

Budgeting for a POS System for your Restaurant

Is that "Free" Point of Sale System Really Free?

EMV is here and the world didn't stop turning.

Choosing a Point of Sale System? Advice from the National Restaurant Association.

Help my Credit Cards and Gift Cards are Down! What do I do now?

Take Beautiful Food Pictures on your Phone to Use for Online Ordering

ID Thieves Use Switch to 'Chip' Credit Cards as Fresh Scam Bait - NBC News

Gift Cards are a multi-BILLION dollar industry - is your business taking advantage?

Protect Your Register or POS Device with this One Simple Trick

The Pros and Cons of Tip Pooling http://

Tips on how to create unique and memorabable experiences in your bar or restaurant

The National Restaurant Association chimes in about EMV

Soft Opening Best Practices

More information on EMV

Quick Tip to Protect Your Point of Sale or Cash Drawer from Theft

Insight from Senior Retail Executives:

Restaurant owners, if you think about money - you must check this out ...

Are you still using Windows XP in your business? Support ends soon.

Effective January 1, 2014, how you record tips may affect your business & your employees.

A breach can cost you money and customers.

Employment Opportunity

Free Email Marketing Webinar

Tools of the trade: What is your must-have, can't live without, technology? | MonkeyDish

December 2012 Retail Newsletter

December 2012 Hospitality Newsletter

November 2012 Retail Newsletter

November 2012 Hospitality Newsletter

Menuing Instagram | MonkeyDish

MICROS May 2012 Newsletter

CounterPoint Retail News - June 2012

Business Software for Retailers, CounterPoint Demonstration

BBQ in Spenard

Are you considering mobile and/or tablet technology for your business this year?

MICROS webOrdering eS

Introducing our new MICROS Customer Care Plans!

Talk to a trained MICROS specialist in 2 minutes or less!

Top Restaurant Marketing Trends for 2012

Help Support the Children's Meal Mission

How will credit card fraud affect your business?

Celebrate National Tourism Month

Get Fit and Trim (good advice for retailers dealing with inventory)

Good news for the restaurant industry!

Restaurants face big changes with health care reform – Nation’s Restaurant News

Cyber Criminals - Bank of Nikolai

Be PCI Wise

Save money on credit cards! Sign up here for a free statement analysis

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