Grocery POS News

New Year - New Skurla's

Hiring in 2023? Here’s our take on it

Passing the Baton

Our Chance to Thank You, Our Customer AGAIN!

Better Internet Access for Alaskans

"Short Staffed Is Our New Pandemic" (GRO)

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours November 2022

Award Winning Partners

Thomas Greenman Elected to Industry Board

Bringing Auto-Star to Kwik Inc. Store

Labor Day Weekend and Office Hours 2022

Learning From Industry Thought Leaders

Skurla's Founder (my mom!) Turns 90 July 5th!

4th of July Weekend Office Hours

Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Point of Sale?

Apple Payment Technology - Sliced and Diced

Mekong Market Opens Second Location in Midtown Anchorage

Memorial Day Closure

Spring is Here - Are You Coming Out of Hibernation?

#NextGen Skurla’s Keeps St. Patrick’s Day Tradition Alive

Emergency Supply Kits - Be a Hero This Busy Season!

Reminder: Protect Your Point of Sale System from Theft or Vandalism

Skurla's is QIR Certified - What's That???

Forecasts Show This Tourist Season to Be Hot!  Is Your Business Ready?

New Apple Technology May Make Your POS Easier to Operate

You Need to Use This in Your Business - Now!

Living Our Core Values - Excellence

The Heart of Skurla's - Part 2

The Heart of Skurla's

New Year's Resolution - Stop Paying For Customers' Vacations

Encourage Gossip Within Your Team and Learn to Trust Each Other. What?

Credit Card Fee Update - Winter 2021

How to Do More With Less in Your Store

Christmas and New Year Holiday Hours for December 2021

Catch Up with Our Older Blog Posts Here

Founder, John Skurla, Passes Peacefully

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Five Mysteries of Managing Inventory

Did You Know that Thermal Paper Rolls Can Be Fun????  No Really!!!!

Labor Day Weekend and Office Hours 2021

Nunamiut Grocery Newest Updates!

4th of July Weekend Office Hours

Read How COVID Changed Five Key Product Categories

Providing More Value

How Much $ Can Surcharging/NCA Save You? Funny You Should Ask…

Skurla's Founder (my dad!) Turns 90 This Month

Worldwide Hardware Shortages, Delayed Lead Times Impacting Retailers

Antimicrobial Covers From Our Friends at Star

Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded!

Reporting for the New Alcohol Tax for Municipality of Anchorage

Trying to Decide on a POS System? Download these Free Guides Here!

Are You Ready for a Busy Tourism Season? Read Our Pro Tips to Help.

Post-Pandemic Trends for Mobile Payments Solutions and Services

Heads-Up! Paper Price Increase in the Future

We Are Hiring!

New Minimum Wage This Year

Trends for Retailers and Grocers in 2021

The Rural Small Business Conference is Next Week - and it's Virtual!

What is Non-Cash Adjustment, and Can It Help Your Business Save Money?

Happy New Year and More

Meeting Follow-up With the Municipality Regarding the Alcohol Tax

Sharing Credit Card Fees with Customers and Save $

Securely Seal Delivery and Takeout Orders for Extra Peace of Mind

New Alcohol Tax for Municipality of Anchorage

Premade Thanksgiving Dinner? Asking For a Friend.

E.T. Phone Home? Kind of....

We Want to Have You As a Raving Fan!

Auto-Star and Skurla’s POS Offer Integrated eWIC Solution for Retailers

Save Time and Money!

Labor Day Weekend and Office Hours

POS Supplies to Help Manage the COVID Crisis

The Importance of Checking Your Credit Card Batches Daily

Point of Sale for Independent Grocers

Sanitize that Touchscreen and Other POS Devices!

Check Out Our New Online Store!

Priority for Hands-off Technology in Stores and Restaurants - by RSPA

Surcharging and Cash Discounting Explained

Independence Weekend Office Hours

Curbside Pickup for Supplies Extended

Would Customers Mind Paying a Convenience Fee?

Grocery Delivery is Here to Stay

What is Metrology and What Does It Have to With Your Grocery Store?

Understanding Daily Discounting

Grocery Stores to Implement eWIC

Ways to Reduce/Eliminate Credit Card Fees with Cash Discount Programs

Curbside Pickup for Supplies

COVID-19 Best Practices from NGA

Recommended Cleaning for Monitors/Screens

What a Great Conference!

Short on Time? Reminder - We Have Paper Delivery Options

Finally - eWIC Integration for Point of Sale

Skurla's Acronym Test

2020 Rural Small Business Conference

Invest in Self-Checkout

Auto-Star Partners with Skurla’s to Deliver Grocery Software Solutions

Windows 7 End of Life January 14th, 2020

New Update to NCC's RHQ Service

Cash Discounting Lessons from a New Payment Partner

Surcharges, Cash Discounts - Thoughts?

Understanding Your Risk - Make Your Data Useless to Criminals

Who Knew Printers Were So Smart???

Understanding Your Risk - Protect Your Business From the Internet - Please Read!

Understanding Your Risk - Use Secure Payment Terminals and Solutions

Aurora 2.0 is Launching Next Month!

Hub of the Yukon

Understanding Your Risk - Scan for Vulnerabilities and Fix Issues

Breaking News!  Aurora 2.0 is Coming!

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