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Spring is Here - Are You Coming Out of Hibernation?

Apr 25, 2022 2:02:25 PM / by Thomas Greenman posted in Free Point of Sale System, Cash Discounting, NCA, No Credit Card Fees, Local Business, Local Support, Supply Chain, Busy Alaskan Summer


When I’m talking with people from the lower 48, I often use a bear analogy to describe how Alaskan businesses depend on the summer. In spring, we gear up for a big summer, where we try to do as much business as we can; because in the winter times will be much leaner. It seems very similar to the bears we share the state with. At Skurla’s, we see this same cycle every year, and this year we’ve been busier than ever. Our new EdgeServ POS is doing amazingly well for us and our customers. More Alaskans have chosen us as their POS and payment processor provider this year than before the pandemic. Our solutions have enabled Alaskans to make it through the past two years, some customers have even told us they had their best years ever! So far, this year is shaping up to be bigger than others. But success doesn’t come without its challenges.

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#NextGen Skurla’s Keeps St. Patrick’s Day Tradition Alive

Apr 5, 2022 3:07:00 PM / by Thomas Greenman posted in Founder, Next Gen, Skurla Traditions


One of my favorite traditions at Skurla's POS Solutions has been Lynn Skurla Perkins and/or her mother Phyllis bringing everyone in the office a shamrock shake from McDonald's for St. Patrick's Day! The #nextgen of Skurla's is keeping with this tradition by bringing Phyllis her shamrock shake and visiting her at the retirement community where she lives.

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Emergency Supply Kits - Be a Hero This Busy Season!

Apr 1, 2022 3:19:11 PM / by Lynn Skurla Perkins posted in Paper Rolls, Supplies, Emergency Supplies


It's the weekend - your store or restaurant is packed.  Things are humming along nicely and you're thinking - we are busy, life is good!

Then you get the call - we are out of receipt paper at the register - can you bring us a roll?

You look, you panic - oh man - you forgot to reorder last week after they used that last roll!!!!

But you, being a smart manager/owner - know that you have that emergency supply kit tucked away for times just like these!  Viola!  Crack open the kit, and all is good.

Ok, but for those of you that don't have that emergency supply kit, well.....

So here is our advice.  First of all, make your point of sale supply stock is something you inventory and check stock of on a regular basis.  If you purchase your supplies from us, we can even get you accurate sales history of how much you go through on a regular basis.  Preorder for a couple of months or even a season and take advantage of our quantity discounts!

But the unexpected can still happen.  So, for that reason, we suggest you create an emergency point of sale supply kit that only you or your managers know about and have access to.  Make this a part of your disaster plan!

Here are some suggestions of what to keep in that kit:

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Reminder: Protect Your Point of Sale System from Theft or Vandalism

Apr 1, 2022 6:00:00 AM / by Lynn Skurla Perkins posted in Tips and Tricks, Point of Sale Tips, cash drawer theft


This may seem obvious, but it is worth repeating!

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Skurla's is QIR Certified - What's That???

Mar 31, 2022 3:43:00 PM / by Lynn Skurla Perkins posted in PCI, Security, Credit Card Security, Skurla's is QIR Certified, QIR


Beginning in 2017, all new Level 4 merchants were required to use only Payment Card Industry (PCI)-certified QIR solutions providers for POS application and terminal installation and integration. 

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Forecasts Show This Tourist Season to Be Hot!  Is Your Business Ready?

Feb 28, 2022 1:20:32 PM / by Thomas Greenman posted in Mobile Point of Sale, Payment Processing, Free Point of Sale System, Tips and Tricks, Alaska Point of Sale Customer, Alaska Grocery System, Retail Software, Restaurant Technology, Restaurant POS, Restaurant Owners, Point of Sale Systems, EdgeServ POS, Grocery Point of Sale, Best Practices, Point of Sale as a Service, Retail News, No Credit Card Fees, Point of Sale Payments


Hello Fellow Alaskans! 
It’s still early in the year, but restaurants and retail operations are already in full swing towards making their summer season an amazing one. We are of the same mind - we want this to be a better summer than last year, and we’ve got some helpful tips on how to help accomplish that goal. Let’s jump into four ways to get ready for summer! 

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New Apple Technology May Make Your POS Easier to Operate

Feb 9, 2022 7:04:54 PM / by Thomas Greenman posted in Mobile Payments, technology trends, Apple Devices, Point of Sale Payments


At Skurla’s, we are always looking at the latest, greatest technology that could help build our customers' businesses. This year, we’ll be keeping you in the loop frequently with new technology we have available now, and what will be available in the future.  For this article, I’m super excited to have read the story about Apple possibly developing integrated payment technology into their devices, starting with the iPhone: Apple (AAPL) to Let iPhones Accept Credit Cards in Threat to Square - Bloomberg.

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You Need to Use This in Your Business - Now!

Feb 2, 2022 11:50:05 AM / by Lynn Skurla Perkins posted in Local Point of Sale, QR Code for Menus, QR Codes, QR Codes for Payment, Industry Experts


QR Codes - Yes, you need to start using QR codes for your business, if you haven't already.  

 What is a QR code exactly?  Well, QR stands for Quick Response.  And quick response is what consumers expect these days.  No one wants to type in a link to a website anymore - that is just too much work and they will probably not go to that effort.

But if you provide a QR code  - consumers are way more likely to snap the code and go directly to the site where you want them to order, read a menu, learn more about a product or event, redeem a coupon, or make a payment, etc.

And as we will show you below - QR codes are super easy to create!

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