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Heartland/MB version 5.25 is now available on the App Store

Mar 23, 2020 12:27:00 PM / by Lynn Skurla Perkins

  • HR-557 Timed Item Holds
  • HR-655 Collapse and Expand News Posts
  • HR-670 NTEP Scale Certification
  • HR-690 Audit Trail for Job Types and Pay Rate Changes
  • HR-713 Open Check Counts and Totals in Server and Cashier Checkout Reports
  • HR-743 Manual Weight Items on Kiosk
  • HR-929 Gratrack Integration
  • HR-961 New “What’s New” Screen in Guest App
  • HR-636 Online Ordering Doesn’t Add One Cent to Refunded Tickets
  • HR-764 Duplicate Modifiers with Open Priced Ingredients
  • HR-813 POS Now Prints Customer Names in Receipts for Split Tickets
  • HR-814 POS Prints Seat Names Properly on Kitchen Slips
  • HR-847 Change Due Displays in POS Until Ticket Is Exited
  • HR-849 Account Balance page needs to strip commas that come in from Monetary
  • HR-880 Menu Items with Multiple Ranges of Specific Availability Hours
  • HR-899 Ordering Items from Order History to Split Checks
  • HR-902 Checkout Total Updates Properly When Late Delivery Fee is Added
  • HR-905 Correct QR Codes Generated for Tickets
  • HR-907 Kiosk Does Not Crash When You Order Upsell Items
  • HR-927 POS Displays New Tickets Properly in KDS “All Day
  • HR-930 Kiosk Doesn’t Crash When You Add New Phone Number
  • HR-932 Kiosk Displays Keypad Properly When Prompting for Locator Number
  • HR-935 POS Doesn’t Allow Transferring Tickets to “Time Clock Only” Staff
  • HR-937 No Upsell Error in Online Ordering
  • HR-944 Daylight Savings Time Controls Display Properly
  • HR-949 Members Without Email Confirmation Can Log Into Guest
  • HR-958 Ticket Sales Aligned with Hours in Labor Summary Report
  • HR-977 Time Zone Required for New Accounts and Locations

 If you have any questions before you install this update, please call us at 907-243-2683.

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Lynn Skurla Perkins

Written by Lynn Skurla Perkins

Lynn grew up in the point of sale and cash register industry working in the family business – and is now at the helm of Skurla's POS Solutions. She enjoys working with local Alaskan businesses, especially restaurants, grocery stores, and retail operations - helping them control costs and increase revenues through well managed point of sale solutions. Besides running the company, Lynn has also served on the Board of Directors, and as Chairman of the Board, for the Retail Solutions Provider Association. In her spare time, she loves cooking, camping and volunteering with organizations that are passionate about helping children.

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