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We Might Not Be Who You Think We Are

Oct 30, 2020 2:48:41 PM / by Thomas Greenman

High Priced - NO!  Five Star Service - YES!

2020 has brought us all a lot of change, and for the first time in many years, we are no longer proactively selling "legacy" point of sale restaurant systems.

These legacy systems have historically been a more high-cost solution, and unfortunately, many of our customers have associated “high-cost” with Skurla’s.  

5 Star Service

We are working hard on changing that perception.  Since 2016, we have been installing iPad-based solutions in many popular restaurants and bars across the state.  Our new POS systems are extremely affordable, very robust, and can quickly roll out new feature sets as the market demands. 

Some interesting facts for comparison: 


  • $2,200 for a typical legacy workstation vs. $329 for a typical iPad 

 And our new business model has allowed us to lower our install fees (and give away support contracts for free!).  

 Installation Fees:

  • Legacy Systems - $5,550 in PTI fees  vs. EdgeServ (our newest iPad POS) - $495 in PTI fees*  

Help Desk Support Contracts:

  • Legacy System - $1,500 to $2,500 per year (and in some cases, even more!) vs. our "As a Service Plans" where there are no or very minimal Help Desk Fees.*

We have even invested in a restaurant iPad point of sale software company, EdgeServ POS, as it was important for us to provide a complete point of sale solution for our customers.  Couple that with our no-nonsense credit card processing rates, and you have a system that meets, and most often, beats, “Lower 48 systems, but with the local Alaskan support and partnership you need. 

Make an appointment

So, give us a call - (907)243-2683. We would love to discuss our new options and schedule a (remote) demonstration. 

*Contract and processing options required.

Thomas Greenman

Written by Thomas Greenman

Vice President & Sales Manager for Skurla's POS Solutions, Thomas has been with the company for over 13 years. He loves working with our customers and bringing more value to our partnerships. Being in the IT field for over 20 years, he is also an ETA CPP as well as a PCI SSC Qualified Integrator and Reseller (QIR). But don't let all that intimidate you - he is still a down to earth person who will take the time help you out, answer your questions and get you in a solution that works for you! Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn:

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