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Our Chance to Thank You, Our Customer AGAIN!

Dec 14, 2022 2:05:27 PM / by Thomas Greenman

One of the highest compliments we can receive as a business is when one our customers refer us to another business. Laile Fairbairn from Locally Grown Restaurants (Snow City Cafe, Spenard Roadhouse, South Restaurant + Coffehouse, and Crush Bistro) is another one of our vocal customers who referred a new customer who signed up for our new NCA Referral program, and she scored $500 in cash!

Laile Fairbairn with $500 cash!

If you're one of our amazing customers and refer another local business to sign up with our new EdgeServ POS with NCA (Non-Cash Adjustment) credit card processing, you’ll be doing two amazing things:

#1 You’ll be saving them a ton of money because they won’t have to pay credit card processing fees!

#2 You’ll pocket $500 in cash!

In the past year alone, we've helped dozens of businesses save an incredible amount of money by utilizing our NCA program. For more information, check out our quick video on how NCA works:


Contact us at for more details!

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Thomas Greenman

Written by Thomas Greenman

President & Co-Owner of Skurla's POS Solutions, Thomas has been with the company for over 14 years. He loves working with our customers, exploring the latest technologies, and bringing more value to our partnerships. Also, passionate about community, technology, and helping other people. But you said technology twice? "I like technology." Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn:

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