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Understanding Your Risk - Protect Your Business From the Internet - Please Read!

Feb 13, 2020 4:21:57 PM / by Lynn Skurla Perkins

Here is the next in the series from the PCI Council's -  How to Protect Your Business With These Security Basics.

Security risks are everywhere these days - everyone up and down the chain is affected.  At Skurla's Point of Sale Solutions, we take security very seriously - and wanted to share some resources from the PCI Security Council.  

This month's topic:  Understanding Your Risk - Protect Your Business from the Internet

3D online thief working on a computer ? isolated

Oh yes, the Internet - for business owners, it is often a double-edged sword.

According to the Council:

"The Internet is the main highway used by data thieves to attack and steal your
customers’ card data. For this reason, if your business is on the Internet, anything you use for card payments needs extra protection."

While protecting your customer's data can seem overwhelming, below are some basic recommendations that every business should follow.

Here are the recommendations from the Council:

  • ISOLATE USAGE. Don’t use the device you take payments with for anything else. For example, don’t surf the web or check emails or social media from the same device or computer that you use for payment transactions. When necessary for business (for example, updating your business’s social media page), use another computer and not your payment device for these updates.
  • PROTECT YOUR “VIRTUAL TERMINAL.” If you enter customer payments via a virtual terminal (a web page you access with a computer or a tablet), minimize your risk - don’t attach an external card reader to it.
  • PROTECT WI-FI. If your shop offers free Wi-Fi for your customers, make sure you use another network for your payment system (this is called “network segmentation”).  Ask your network installer for help with safely configuring Wi-Fi.
  • USE A FIREWALL. A properly configured firewall acts as a buffer to keep hackers and malicious software from getting access to your computers and information. Check with your payment terminal vendor or service provider to make sure you have one and ask them for help configuring it correctly.
  • USE PERSONAL FIREWALL SOFTWARE OR EQUIVALENT when payment systems are not protected by your business firewall (for example, when connected to public Wi-Fi).

Please call us if you need help with any of these points.  We have inexpensive solutions that can help protect your business now.  The risk is not worth the wait.

Call Skurla's today to help secure your business:  907-243-2683

Click here to download your copy of the guide.

For more information on this topic or other point of sale and payment concerns, call us, or fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you.

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Lynn Skurla Perkins

Written by Lynn Skurla Perkins

Lynn grew up in the point of sale and cash register industry working in the family business – and is now at the helm of Skurla's POS Solutions. She enjoys working with local Alaskan businesses, especially restaurants, grocery stores, and retail operations - helping them control costs and increase revenues through well managed point of sale solutions. Besides running the company, Lynn has also served on the Board of Directors, and as Chairman of the Board, for the Retail Solutions Provider Association. In her spare time, she loves cooking, camping and volunteering with organizations that are passionate about helping children.

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