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You Need to Use This in Your Business - Now!

Feb 2, 2022 11:50:05 AM / by Lynn Skurla Perkins posted in Local Point of Sale, QR Code for Menus, QR Codes, QR Codes for Payment, Industry Experts


QR Codes - Yes, you need to start using QR codes for your business, if you haven't already.  

 What is a QR code exactly?  Well, QR stands for Quick Response.  And quick response is what consumers expect these days.  No one wants to type in a link to a website anymore - that is just too much work and they will probably not go to that effort.

But if you provide a QR code  - consumers are way more likely to snap the code and go directly to the site where you want them to order, read a menu, learn more about a product or event, redeem a coupon, or make a payment, etc.

And as we will show you below - QR codes are super easy to create!

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