MasterCard® has issued requirements to ensure that merchants with multiple card reading devices within a single location must submit a unique Device ID number with each transaction to remain compliant and avoid fines from MasterCard.

 While we recommend updating to the newest version of Counterpoint, the oldest version that meets MasterCard's new requirements are versions or 8.5.1 and higher. Some older interfaces between Counterpoint Gateway and NCR Secure Pay were not designed to handle this information. Thus, the Device ID was unable to be passed along to the processor (and thus to MasterCard), which prevents compliance.

The chart below includes processor interfaces that are currently not compliant with the Device ID requirement as well as the recommended path to achieve compliance. MasterCard’s deadline for compliance is 12/31/2017.

 Please note that only merchants with multiple devices processing card present transactions are impacted. Merchants with a single lane per processing account are not impacted. Also, any processor not listed in the chart below is compliant and already transmitting the Device ID to the processor.



Non-compliant processors:

Processor (Gateway)

Recommended action

World Pay (Counterpoint Gateway)

Migrate to World Pay (Secure Pay, TCMP) account

World Pay (NCR Secure Pay, VisaK)

Migrate to World Pay (Secure Pay, TCMP) account

TSYS (Counterpoint Gateway)

Migrate to TSYS (Secure Pay). Secure Pay TSYS integration will be patched to include Device ID

TSYS (NCR Secure Pay)

None needed. Secure Pay TSYS integration will be patched to include Device ID


Read below to learn more about eh Mastercard Terminal ID Update:

NCR Counterpoint merchants who have prefixes (BIN ranges) assigned to their MasterCard pay code need to update the prefixes to include '2'.

Steps to Update Mastercard BIN Range for new “2” prefix: 

    • Navigate to Setup > System > Pay Codes on the Hub (if Multi-Site) or CounterPoint Application Server (if single-site).
    • Select the Mastercard, MC or CRCARD Pay Code, whichever is applicable. 
    • In the first available

Credit Card Prefix number

      field, enter


    . Save changes. Exist and re-enter NCR CounterPoint on all stations.
    • If Multi-Site, replicate as normal, and every Counterpoint store assigned that Pay Code will pick up the change.

 NCR Secure Pay has already been updated to accept these.   CPGateway requires no change.

Your system is now ready to accept cards with the Mastercard Prefix 2.

For any questions, please contact our support team at 907-243-2683.  Click here for general information on the Mastercard Prefix issue.

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