NCR Counterpoint - CP Gateway End of Life


 In case you missed this notice from NCR Counterpoint:

On April 30th of this year, NCR will no longer support processing on CPGateway for TSYS, with Worldpay and other processors soon to follow.  NCR is advising its customers to migrate to NCR Secure Pay before this date to ensure they can continue processing without interruption.   

What does this mean for you? 

There are three options you can do to avoid losing the ability to process credit cards: 

  1. Move to the NCR Secure Pay Gateway.  This involves upgrading to a newer version of CounterPoint, which may require additional hardware, typically in the form of pin pads.  Some customers may also need to upgrade their workstations and/or server. 
  2. Move to stand-alone credit card terminals provided by your current credit card processor.  This will enable you to use your existing equipment, but no credit cards will be processed through Counterpoint.  Please note:  you will need to manually balance your credit cards terminals with Counterpoint nightly.   We can assist with programming your system to affect this change for a small fee. 
  3. How can I be notified about updates like these in the future? 

You can stay up to date on the latest Counterpoint news here at  Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter! 

I’m in a remote site, do I need to have someone come onsite for this upgrade? 

If your Counterpoint software is up to date in the last year, you are less likely to require an onsite visit.  If you haven’t had an upgrade in several years or require new hardware, you will likely need a technician onsite to perform the upgrade.  Please contact us for a quote. 

My credit card processor isn’t responding to me about getting stand-alone credit card terminals.  Can we get them from you? 

Yes.  Skurla’s is a credit card processing provider and can usually meet or beat your existing rates and assist you with getting new stand-alone terminals. 

 For any questions, please call support at 907-243-2683 or fill out the form below:

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