NCR Counterpoint v8.5.4.1 Release


Update from NCR Counterpoint:

"The NCR Counterpoint V8.5.4.1 Service Pack requires merchants to update their Ingenico iSC250 EMV payment terminals to RBA firmware version 23.0.2. However, we have determined that some older iSC250 devices cannot be upgraded using the Ingenico Utility or a USB flash drive.

We are working with Ingenico to determine the circumstances under which specific iSC250 units cannot be upgraded to RBA firmware v23.0.2. We will provide further information as soon as possible.

However, due to this issue, we are currently treating V8.5.4.1 as a controlled release. If you would like to deploy V8.5.4.1 as part of this controlled release, please contact your Inside Channel Account Manager for more detailed information on how to participate in this controlled release.

Please note that If you choose to install the V8.5.4.1 Service Pack, there is a risk that you will be unable to upgrade some of your iSC250 payment terminals to the necessary RBA version."

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