NCR Counterpoint Version Service Pack Release Notes


The following corrections are available in the NCR Counterpoint Service Pack file CPSP85.EXE.ZIP on the NCR Web site at On all systems, you need to install the service pack at the Server and Always Offline Workstations only. Each Non-Offline and Sometimes Offline Workstation is automatically updated the next time it runs NCR Counterpoint.

For workstations on a WAN where Counterpoint is not installed, you must download and install the updated, available on the NCR Web site along with the Service Pack.

The following problems have been corrected for the version Service Pack:

CP-8414      'Device is currently in use by another caller' encountered when trying to complete a ticket after the previous ticket has time-out.

CP-8788      Device in Use by Another Caller errors in

CP-8787      Error: 'Device is currently in use by another caller' / Transaction id already exists.

CP-8820      Prereqs will not run on Windows 7 32bit operating system.

CP-8685      When attempting to complete a sale, and processing an EMV payment, you receive the error "Device in use by another caller".

CP-3128      When you select a ticket for validated returns, and the line items are populated into the grid, we are defaulting to a return qty of 1, even when the quantity available to return is less than 1. This results in the following error: (TSTicket.CopyLIEToLinesCDS) Pricing quantity discrepancy. cdsLIE.QTY_SOLD != Sum(cdsLIEPrice.QTY_PRCD).

CP-8467      Error: device is currently in use by another caller on ticket completion.

CP-8751      When adding Icon Favorites to the menu, it doesn't save when adding one at a time.

CP-8868      Device not consistently prompting for signature using AR and CASH pay codes.


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