Understanding Your Risk - Make Your Data Useless to Criminals


Here is the last in the series from the PCI Council's -  How to Protect Your Business With These Security Basics.

Security risks are everywhere these days - everyone up and down the chain is affected.  At Skurla's Point of Sale Solutions, we take security very seriously - and wanted to share some resources from the PCI Security Council.  

This month's topic:  Understanding Your Risk - Make Your Data Useless to Criminals

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According to the Council:  

"The best way to keep it (your data) safe is to make it useless even if it’s stolen by hiding it, and removing it altogether when it’s not needed. While this can be more complex to put in place, in the long run, it can make security much easier to manage.  While protecting your customer's data can seem overwhelming, below are some basic recommendations that every business should follow."

Here are the recommendations from the Council:

ASK YOUR PAYMENT SYSTEMS VENDOR OR SERVICE PROVIDER whether your payment terminal is using encryption and /or tokenization technology.

USE PCI DEVICES THAT ENCRYPT CARD DATA. The PCI Council approves payment terminals that protect PIN data (see on page 17) and payment terminals and “secure card readers” that additionally encrypt card data. See the List of PCI Approved PTS Devices.

USE SECURE PCI ENCRYPTION SOLUTIONS. Ask whether your payment terminal encryption is done via a Point-to-Point Encryption solution and is on the PCI Council’s List of PCI P2PE Validated Solutions.

UPGRADE YOUR SOLUTION. Reduce your risk – consider getting a new payment terminal that uses both encryption and tokenization technology to remove the value of card data for hackers.

ARE YOU A MERCHANT NOW MOVING TO EMV CHIP TERMINALS? This is a great opportunity to make an investment in a terminal that supports EMV and also provides the added security of encryption and tokenization.

ASK. See Questions to ask your Vendors for help with questions to ask your vendor or service provider.Please call us if you need help with any of these points.  We have inexpensive solutions that can help protect your business now.  The risk is not worth the wait.

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