EdgeServ Front of House
  • Our mobile solutions let servers take orders, print, and make payments at the table - increasing your average ticket $ and turning tables faster
  • Integrated Online Ordering, with Order Throttling
  • Total EMV Integration with every aspect of your business.
  • Customers love the QR Code Scan and Pay Feature - Scan, Pay and Go!
  • Create and maintain your own gift cards and loyalty programs.  Or use 3rd party multi-concept gift card solutions.
  • Create and access reports from anywhere with your smartphone.
  • Our Kitchen Display keeps orders moving smoothly and quickly.
  • We're always here with local customer service you can count on.
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Next-Gen Edge Computing

As the Internet of Things (IoT) exponentially increases the number of connected devices, Edge Computing will drive the next generation of technology.

EdgeServ POS is adopting that next generation technology in the development we do today as we bring the ‘Cloud to the Kitchen’ for our customers.

EdgeServ POS - from the Cloud to the Kitchen
EdgeServe POS - revolutionizing the way we partner with Alaskans to help their business thrive - by delivering exceptional value, excellent customer service, and a single source for point of sale, payment processing and IT solutions.
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