A Truck Collides with our Building and a Major Earthquake


It was quite a month for many Alaskans - like surviving a major earthquake, just to name one thing. 

Jesse saves his coffee 2

(Click here for the  link to see Jesse "saving" his coffee during the quake).

We have had over 1,800 aftershocks as of yesterday, roads are being repaired, schools are still closed, but no one suffered serious injury - amazing.

At Skurla's, we also started the month with a "jolt" - literally. On November 19th, a truck careened into the front wall of our office.  It destroyed the conference room wall, many of the contents, and part of Jeff's office. We are so grateful that this happened before we opened - the outcome could have been much different.  See pictures below!


Front Office Close up

And a big shout out to our landlords at Hope Community Resources - they did an outstanding job getting the mess cleaned and the holes boarded up so that we could resume business as usual that day.

Hope Cleans Up

We are grateful no one was injured in either event. 

And are thankful for all that reached out to check on us.  

To all of our customers, we hope that a you fared well during and after the earthquake.


From your team at Skurla's - Thank you!

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Lynn grew up in the point of sale and cash register industry working in the family business – and is now at the helm of Skurla's POS Solutions. She enjoys working with local Alaskan businesses, especially restaurants, grocery stores, and retail operations - helping them control costs and increase revenues through well managed point of sale solutions. Besides running the company, Lynn has also served on the Board of Directors, and as Chairman of the Board, for the Retail Solutions Provider Association. In her spare time, she loves cooking, camping and volunteering with organizations that are passionate about helping children.