Announcing MobileBytes Scan for Points!


Enhance any restaurant experience with MobileBytes guest engagement app:

The MobileBytes app for iPhone and Android allows restaurant guests to interact directly with MobileBytes POS. Guests can now scan their receipts to earn points and rewards, and every scanned receipt is automatically saved in the app’s history allowing users to look back at their previous orders. MobileBytes makes it easy to explore and discover other participating restaurants where they can scan, earn rewards, and be greeted with a custom iBeacon notification when they enter the restaurant.

  • Scan guest receipts to earn Points & Rewards
  • Keep track of past orders
  • Explore new restaurants
  • Receive a welcome message when entering a participating restaurant
  • and much more!

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Loyal guests will now have the ability to scan a barcode attached to their transaction receipt to earn points. Guests will no longer need to remember to inform restaurant staff they are loyal customers before paying for their order. Their receipt is their reminder that points are available for their purchase, and their MobileBytes loyalty app will scan and keep track of all points and rewards for every participating MB POS restaurant where they dine. Anytime a receipt is scanned, a copy of the receipt is automatically saved along with a display of points awarded for each purchase. Guests can still use their phone number to attach themselves to tickets but scanning makes this optional rather than required.

We’ve also updated the explore section of the app to be better suited for restaurant accounts with multiple locations. Points and rewards can be shared across all locations and we’ve added a map view showing all nearby locations of a restaurant chain, as well as the user’s current location with turn-by-turn directions to the location of their choice.

On the backend, we’ve added a loyalty report which keeps track of all guest loyalty accounts, including insight into points, rewards, frequency, and spend. The report is exportable for use and analysis outside MB POS. Setup and maintenance of the loyalty program has also been enhanced and simplified.

All the benefits of the original loyalty app programs remain, including iBeacon interaction/notifications and automatic inclusion of rewards as color coded adjustment options on guest tickets. We’ve also added a helpful badge icon to the checkout and adjustment buttons anytime a ticket has rewards available.

Here are links to Download the app for iOS or Android.

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