Data Security Breach Action Plan


As a member of the Retail Solution Provider Association (RSPA), we have access to legal documents and other security resource.

And while we hope that this never happens to anyone - the reality is that small businesses are primary targets for breaches and incidents are on the rise.

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Below is a quick checklist provided by RSPA  for reference if you feel your business has been compromised (step number one - avoid a breach!):

Data Security Breach Action Plan

It can be difficult to detect when a system has been attacked or an intrusion has taken place. Distinguishing normal events from those that are related to an attack or intrusion can be challenging. If during your normal operations you suspect there is a problem with your security, a customer advises you that their credit card information has been compromised, you are contacted by law enforcement, your financial institution, or processor of a possible breach, then immediate action should be taken. Therefore, if at any time a security breach is suspected the following steps should be taken:

 Do not alter the compromised system in any way.

 Do not change and passwords.

 Do not turn the system off.

 Discuss and review your findings with your immediate supervisor.  Preserve all logs.

 Document all actions including the exact date and time of the discovery.

 Contact your Point of Sale Support organization for assistance.

 Take immediate action to contain and limit the exposure by isolating the compromised system, i.e. unplug the network cable disconnecting the system from the Internet.

 Do not take any other action. Contact the Merchant Bank, processor, Card Company, and appropriate law enforcement agency.

 Review Card Company requirements for reporting and compliance.

For questions on this article or other security concerns, call us at 907-243-2683.  Or download the PCI  Security Standards Council's Small Merchant Guide to Safe Payments.

Small Merchant Guide to Safe Payments

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