Jump Start Your MobileBytes Loyalty Program


So how do you start a loyalty program?  If you’re a MobileBytes customer, it’s easy, so let’s get started.

MobileBytes Point of Sale allows customers to interact with your loyalty program in two different ways:

Loyalty AppWith the phone number option, the customer gives the restaurant staff their phone number and the staff associate the ticket with that customer. MobileBytes also will show any previous orders the customer has made and even allows a quick, one button push reorder of a previous ticket, that includes special instructions, modifiers and more. How’s that for having it your way?

If a guest is using online ordering (say they are having their favorite pizza delivered), they can associate their phone number with their MobileBytes account and have their order history and card on file payment information saved on your website – which increases order accuracy and make reorders lightning quick.

The Scan for Points option is my favorite. Customers download the MobileBytes app from the Apple or Android app stores, and they can scan for points directly from the app. How does that work? Well, when you setup the loyalty program, you’ll have an option to have a QR code printed on your receipts. This receipt tells the customer how to get the app and how to get points. They can scan for points at the restaurant or anywhere else, even days or weeks later. (They can also use the QR code to pay for their order, if the option for Scan to Pay is enabled.)

Once they have accumulated enough points (we’ll talk about how that works below), they’ll be able to redeem a reward for three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Depending on the item, dollar amount, or percentage reward you give, customers can use this on their next ticket or order (including online orders), or they could save that reward for a future date.

What Kind of Reward Should I Offer?

This is probably the hardest question I see from customers and a challenging one to figure out. Let’s review some key areas that we need to consider first.

  • Dollars Per Point: Since each reward requires 10 points, your first question should be how many dollars per point do you want to make your program? We recommend looking up your average check amount first. This is essentially what your customers typically spend per visit. You could use this for your point value (pro-tip: make it a whole dollar number) and you’d be rewarding folks every 10th visit.

    But if you average ticket is really high, let’s say $50 or more, 10 visits may not be enough to drive customers back to visit you more frequently. If so, consider dropping your “dollars per point” value to a lower value.
  • Rewards: These are the actual rewards after a customer gets 10 points. You can give 3 different types of rewards: Items, dollar amount off a ticket, and a percentage off a ticket.

    With items, you could have a punch card like program. To have a buy 10 coffee’s get the next one free type of reward, you would make the dollars per point the average cup of coffee price and then tag the items or a group of items with the tag you are using for the reward. When the customer spends that dollar amount to hit that reward, they’ll be able to get their free cup of coffee! But don’t worry about extra shots or other chargeable modifiers. MobileBytes option to “affect modifiers” is off by default!

    With a dollar amount, your customers have a flexible way to spend their rewards on whatever they purchase – but don’t worry, you can exclude items like alcohol or whatever else you choose. You can also configure this to be used on an item or an entire ticket. This is probably the easiest reward you can offer your customers since it’s so simple.

    Percentages act the same was as a dollar amount except this is for a percentage off either an item or the ticket. This is the one reward option you want to be careful with since there are scenarios where too high a percentage could be too high on a large dollar item or ticket. Tread carefully with this one.

    Pro-Tip: MobileBytes rewards level don’t reset after Gold, so once a customer hits Gold level they are there forever. Plan your rewards carefully. In some instances, it may be better to offer a bigger reward for Bronze and Silver than for Gold.

Next Steps

You’re all setup, so now what? Most loyalty programs fail to gain traction because of two reasons: your staff is too busy to explain and engage customers in the program, or, they aren’t trained sufficiently on the program to do so. With MobileBytes, most of this is done automatically. I’ll explain how.

  • The Customer receipt explains how to scan to get points. It starts by directing them to download the customer app for their specific device. Once they have the app, the first option is for scanning receipts. Once they hit this button and line up the QR code in the app, they’ve got their points. Super easy right?
  • Bluetooth beacon technology reminds customers with the MobileBytes app that your restaurant is close by. You can even customize the message with a special, a greeting, or other ways to encourage them to come in. Even if they aren’t customers of your restaurant, if they have the app running in the background, they’ll still get your message. In a lot of cases, the Bluetooth beacon will extend down the street.

With all this technology, you may be content to leave it at that, but there many more opportunities you can take advantage of, such as enabling customers to opt into a mailing list. This info, along with all the amazing insights you can get on customers, allows you to interact with your customers in meaningful ways. For example, you can export a list of all your loyalty customers and import it into a mailing list manager like Constant Contact (www.constantcontact.com) where you can email your top performing customers gift card promos. You could even use the reporting to find your low performing customers and send them targeted emails to remind them to come back.

Overall, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a reason not to implement a loyalty program when it’s this easy. And if you need help, we are here for you. If you are interested in our loyalty program, and you aren’t sure how to make it happen, send me an email at thomas@skurlas.com – I’m here to help!

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