This Loyalty Program is Genius - and Easy to Use


You know you need to implement a loyalty program in your restaurant - but never got around to it for many reasons - not enough time, where do I begin, how do I market it, etc.

Research shows that consumers want and will use loyalty programs - and if done right, a loyalty program will bring your customer back to your restaurant.

Programs needs to be easy to use and engage your customer.  No one wants to carry around a plastic card anymore.  And to be honest, no one really wants to spend the time to give their server or cashier their information to enter their loyalty points.

So this is why I think the MobileBytes Loyalty Program is genius - it's called Scan for Points - customers simply scan the receipt with their phones.  Boom! Points collected.  And the program is free - yes, free - included with your MobileBytes system.

Loyal guests now have the ability to scan a bar code attached to their transaction receipt to earn points. Guests will no longer need to remember to inform restaurant staff they are loyal customers before paying for their order. Their receipt is their reminder that points are available for their purchase, and their MobileBytes app will scan and keep track of all points and rewards for every participating MB POS restaurant where they dine. Anytime a receipt is scanned, a copy of the receipt is automatically saved along with a display of points awarded for each purchase. Guests can still use their phone number to attach themselves to tickets but scanning makes this optional rather than required.

Simple, engaging and easy to use.  And not to mention the data goldmine you will have at your hands:

Phone numbers, names, emails (if they opt in), rewards level, last visit, total visits, average spend, lifetime spend, lifetime points, lifetime rewards, unused rewards.

Plus you can notify your loyal guests of promos, specials, events, etc. when they are in the proximity of your restaurant.  

Let us help you get started today on your custom loyalty program.  Remember it's free.  And simple - we can have you up and running with your loyalty program in a matter of minutes!

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