Advanced Check Splitting in MobileBytes

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jun 6, 2017 2:54:33 PM

Using and Understanding the new Advanced Check Splitting feature MobileBytes (Please note this feature is only supported in MB POS version 3.0 and above):


Advanced Check Splitting

  • Advanced Split Option - New option under the order entry split screen allows splitting items into uneven fractions. Items can be split among any number of splits in 1/3s, 1/4s, 1/5s, and so on, so one check may have ⅕ and another two checks may each have ⅖. Watch.
  • Move/Unsplit To - The default option allows the user to rapidly move items between splits without needing to first split the item. It is also a quick way to undo split items by Unsplitting them to a single check. Watch. The existing even split functionality is moved under the ‘Evenly’ option. Watch.
  • ‘All’ button - The All split tab is now pinned so that the user can always get quick access to the high-level main check without needing to scroll.
  • Splitting from the All Check - All of the new advanced splitting and item moving can be done from the All check, without needing to navigate to each split first. Many add/new split functions automatically put you on the All check and on the Split screen.
  • Split Navigation - Users can now select each of the Check headers on the All check itself which links immediately to the selected check.
  • Split Statuses - Once any of the checks are paid, all of the check tabs and check headers on the All check begin reflecting their Paid/Unpaid status to help the user find ones that still need payment and ignore the others. Paid checks are also moved to the end of the list to help this process. Watch.


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