POS version 4.35 is now available on the App Store

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Oct 1, 2019 3:26:23 PM
Version 4.35 is now available

New Feature Enhancements & Fixes Include:

  • POS Can Now Read Barcodes Embedded with Weight or Price Data
  • Alphabetical Sorting of Item Lists for Sections, Groups, and Modifiers
  • Privacy Policy Updated
  • Printer Controls Added to Scheduled Shifts Screen
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • POS Holds Tokens in Online Orders
  • New Cutting Modes Added for L90 Label Printers
  • Color Options Restored to Menu Item, Modifier, and Tag Screens
  • Email Receipt Box Now Hidden in Signature Screen
  • POS Reports Negative Adjustments Properly
  • POS Now Unlocks Check Access When Automatically Logging Out
  • POS Deducts Refunds to PMS Accounts Properly
  • End of Day Reports Only Include Sales for Current Day
  • You Can No Longer Delete Paid Items and Charges
  • Auth/Capture Method Removed from PAX Solution
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POS version 4.30 is now available on the App Store

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Sep 10, 2019 11:28:24 AM

New Feature Enhancements & Fixes Include:

  • Improved Modifier Display Behavior
  • Hex or Color Chooser on Item Buttons
  • Cycle Rewards for Loyalty Point Auto-Reset
  • Print Scheduled Shifts from POS Clock-In/Clock-Out Screen
  • Forced Quantity Selection
  • Calculate Weighted Overtime Pay for Payroll/TimeClock Reports
  • Add Notes and Reference Number to No Tax Adjustment Checks
  • Quantity Adjust -/+ in POS Ingredients
  • Expose Heartland Payroll to MobileBytes Accounts
  • Tax-Exempt Ticket Reporting
  • New 2 x 1 Option Added to Printer Label Size List
  • Add First Data Processor for Monetary on Payment Gateway
  • Support Auth/Capture with PAX
  • Corrected Gift Redemption Issue
  • Fixed Missing Credit Card Auto-Surcharge in BridgePay Transactions
  • Fixed Logo Issue for Merchants without Default Logo
  • Disable Additional Incremental Auth when Portico Direct is Disabled
  • Fix POS Crash with $0.00 Main Item + $0.00 Sub-Item
  • Add Image to Split Slips Tear KDS
  • Display Negative Modifier Price in Ticket Reports Drilldown
  • Exclude Unpaid Breaks from Weekly Total in Clock-Out Slip
  • Fixed Issue with Moved Items Causing Inflated Ticket Reporting
  • Fixed Display Issue with Modifiers Flagged as Offline
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POS version 4.25 is now available on the App Store

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Aug 23, 2019 5:52:35 PM
Version 4.25 is now available
  • Lengthy KDS Slips Displayed in Multiple Columns
  • $0.00 Suggested Tip Amount Removed from All Heartland Restaurant Apps
  • New 2.2 x 2 Option Added to Printer Label Size List
  • Perform a Menu Import for Live Sites
  • Available For Kiosk/Skip the Line Option Added to Setup Screens
  • All PDF Documents Default to Landscape Format
  • Overtime Rate Required for New Staff Records
  • Enter Adjustment Charges with Decimal Values
  • Ingredients for Combo Meal items Grouped by Item
  • KDS No Longer Stalls in Busy Conditions
  • Automatic Adjustment Charges Recalculated Accurately
  • Loyalty Report Now Displays Accurate Totals for Loyalty Rewards
  • D210 Now Displays Split Checks Properly
  • Accurate Totals for Subitems in Server Checkout Report
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Updated Blog Site for MobileBytes

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Aug 23, 2019 4:20:14 PM

We are updating the MobileBytes Blog site to reflect the Heartland Restaurant branding since the conversion.  The format and the content will remain the same (and of course, we are still Skurla's!)  As mentioned in prior posts, we will continue to update you on changes and new features.  In the meantime, feel free to call us with any questions - (907)243-2683.

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