Social Media Basics: Why Your Business Needs a Loyalty Program

By Thomas Greenman | Jun 3, 2019 1:38:24 PM

This is the first article in a multi-part series on Social Media Basics.  While this series focuses primarily on MobileBytes Point of Sale for restaurants, there are still some great practices and concepts that you could easily apply to other systems and retail operations.  With that being said, let’s talk about Loyalty Programs.

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New MobileBytes Reporting Dashboard is Now Live and it's Fantastic!

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Feb 16, 2018 2:49:18 PM

The MobileBytes product just keeps getting better and better - just check out their new reporting dashboard and you will quickly understand what we are talking about:

MobileBytes is pleased to announce the release of their improved dashboards with drilldown and hover over hints. These new dashboards are designed to provide owners and managers with comparison data to better answer questions like “How are we doing on labor compared to last week (or day, month, year)?” or “Which of my employees does the most discounting?”. While this data has been available in the reports for some time, the dashboards allow for quick and easy analysis. Below, you’ll find some examples, but the best way to get familiar with the new dashboards is to just dive in and look around!

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This Loyalty Program is Genius - and Easy to Use

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Sep 28, 2017 10:48:03 AM

You know you need to implement a loyalty program in your restaurant - but never got around to it for many reasons - not enough time, where do I begin, how do I market it, etc.

Research shows that consumers want and will use loyalty programs - and if done right, a loyalty program will bring your customer back to your restaurant.

Programs needs to be easy to use and engage your customer.  No one wants to carry around a plastic card anymore.  And to be honest, no one really wants to spend the time to give their server or cashier their information to enter their loyalty points.

So this is why I think the MobileBytes Loyalty Program is genius - it's called Scan for Points - customers simply scan the receipt with their phones.  Boom! Points collected.  And the program is free - yes, free - included with your MobileBytes system.

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