Still Hold Off on Upgrading to iOS 11

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Oct 19, 2017 8:13:55 AM
As of 10/19/17 from MobileBytes:

"As of today, 31% of our installed iPads are running iOS 11. We are aware of a very rare 'edge case' crash when running MB POS with iOS 11 and are working on a patch for a future release. 

 Keep in mind there is no benefit to merchants for running iOS 11 vs iOS 10. Resellers should not feel compelled to upgrade existing iPads to iOS 11. Newly purchased iPads that come pre-installed are fine to run in sites where iOS 10 is installed on other iPads. "

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This is Incredible!  MobileBytes Now Has Self-Order Kiosks!

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Oct 11, 2017 1:05:04 PM

MobileBytes is pleased to announce the release of their MobileBytes Self-Order Kiosk,which along with their Skip-the-Line app, provides merchants the the opportunity to serve more guests and improve guest experience.

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MobileBytes POS version 3.7 is now available on the App Store

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Oct 11, 2017 12:35:31 PM

This version is compatible with MobileBytes POS versions greater than 3.0 and can be installed at any time. It contains the following features: 

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Eye Opening Article - Anatomy of a Data Breach

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Oct 4, 2017 1:47:52 PM


Data breach - those two words can (and should) scare the heck out of business owners.  It is everywhere in the news.  I think on some level, people are just throwing their hands up in the air at this point.  However, we don't want our customers to go through this experience - no one wants the CIA showing up at their back door or having their funds frozen because of a suspected breach.


To help you understand the impacts, we wanted to share this article by Justin Zeigler, the director of product development and marketing at Datacap Systems.  (Datacap Systems develops integrated payment interfaces for any type Point of Sale Application - so they are very in tune with security for point of sale systems.)  In this article, he discusses:

As a business owner, it is vital to understand the effects of a breach on your business, your customers and your employees.

Read this eye opening article below:

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What's an API?

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Sep 29, 2017 4:02:57 PM

This is exciting news!   MobileBytes Releases Their API

This is a smart move for a point of sale company - it means that 3rd party applications can use the MobileBytes data to integrate into their systems.

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This Loyalty Program is Genius - and Easy to Use

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Sep 28, 2017 10:48:03 AM

You know you need to implement a loyalty program in your restaurant - but never got around to it for many reasons - not enough time, where do I begin, how do I market it, etc.

Research shows that consumers want and will use loyalty programs - and if done right, a loyalty program will bring your customer back to your restaurant.

Programs needs to be easy to use and engage your customer.  No one wants to carry around a plastic card anymore.  And to be honest, no one really wants to spend the time to give their server or cashier their information to enter their loyalty points.

So this is why I think the MobileBytes Loyalty Program is genius - it's called Scan for Points - customers simply scan the receipt with their phones.  Boom! Points collected.  And the program is free - yes, free - included with your MobileBytes system.

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Wait to Upgrade to iOS 11

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Sep 18, 2017 11:20:35 AM
iOS 11 Release, Tuesday, September 19th
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Tourist Season - Yes, It is a Thing in Alaska

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Sep 14, 2017 9:29:46 AM

It's September. What does that mean to many Alaskans? (Besides the fact that termination dust was sighted on the Chugach Mountains this morning.)

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What the Future Holds for Restaurants and Retail

By Thomas Greenman | Aug 29, 2017 3:52:58 PM

Our world is changing, quicker than some of us would like and for others, not quick enough.  All this change affects restaurants and retail like no other because your customers are on the forefront of these changes.  As your trusted Point of Sale (POS) provider, we find ourselves changing too.  We can’t just be a company that provides for you today, we also have to be able to provide for your future.  To help us do this, Skurla’s has been a member of RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association) for the better part of 40 years.  RSPA isn’t just for retail though.  At its heart are hundreds of POS providers and vendors, working together for a common cause: to help you.

Every year, RSPA members, vendors and partners meet at an event called RetailNOW.  I was fortunate to be able to attend and see what the future holds for restaurants and retail.  There were too many things to cover here but there were a few that stood out as key areas for merchants to take note of.

Customer engagement was one of the most popular areas that other POS dealers such as us were interested in.  A lot of this revolved around things like customer loyalty, data analytics (using it) and mobility.  These three things are fast becoming inseparable to the modern merchant.  They don’t have to exist together but when they do, it’s a big win for the customer and the merchant. 

  • Customer loyalty is a system that rewards the customer for coming back to a merchant and giving them repeat business. It’s usually offered up in the way of points that are redeemed for good and/or services.  The big change here is making it as easy as possible for not only the customers to participate but having the merchants staff understand the process and help the customers engage.  Your staff are the “face” of the business and if they are engaged in the process, they will sell it like no other.  But to make it easy, you need to make another change: mobility.
  • Mobility is a two-way street and your customers are already experts. If you don’t have the right mobility options to engage them, you’re falling behind.  New POS options have beacon technology, which enable merchants to know who is in the store or if they are close.  Utilizing this, smart merchants can know what a particular customer likes and market or sell to them direct and the customer will cheer you on for it!  But in-depth knowledge of your customer preferences takes more than just data.
  • Data analytics isn’t enough – utilizing it is key. There are plenty of companies out there who will gather data for you but what do you do with it?  Using that data in a meaningful way is the third piece of customer engagement.  Have you ever been to a store or restaurant and filled out a comment card and never received a follow up call or email?  Or maybe not seen the changes that you would have expected?  Sadly, customers see this all too often and the result is that they don’t patronize that merchant again or are dissatisfied and share their experiences with other potential or existing customers.  Having tools and systems in place to act on your data will help you better serve your customers and turn them into raving fans.
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Announcing the New MobileBytes Ingredients Used Report

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Aug 24, 2017 12:38:33 PM

We are excited to announce that the new MobileBytes Ingredients Used Report is available on the admin portal. Merchants can now view the ingredients and quantities used on any given day or range of days dating back to August 1st, 2017.

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