MobileBytes POS version 3.14 and New Pax Reporting

Payment Terminals Report

Merchants using PAX terminals for EMV can now view their transaction totals by terminal. This can help merchants easily reconcile their credit card batches. This report will only show for merchants currently running PAX devices.

MobileBytes POS version 3.14 is now available on the App Store

This version is compatible with MB POS versions greater than 3.0 and can be installed at any time. It contains the following features and fixes:

 Option to show modifier name only on either the ticket screen OR in the kitchen

  • Suggested Tips on guest check
  • Optional automatic printing from KDS when a ticket is bumped
  • Shows Deactivated message on PIN screen for inactive accounts
  • No longer need permission to change non-captured tips
  • Allow Order Info to be input via Barcode Scanner
  • Improvements to the Item Stock Management screen

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