MobileBytes POS version 3.17 with KDS All Day Feature

MobileBytes POS version 3.17 is now available on the App Store 

This version is compatible with MobileBytes POS versions greater than 3.0 and can be installed at any time. It contains the following features and fixes: 

  • KDS (Kitchen Display System) All Day option - This display option allows the kitchen to see  a total of  menu items  so they can be made all at once.  Instead of having to count all the tickets, the kitchen could see the "all day" total and know that they need 18 orders of fries, for example.
  • Allow iPads to be restored from backups with MB POS already installed
  • Respect menu attributes sorting
  • Fix for keyboard hiding when inputting void and discount reasons
  • Fix for inability to tip on certain imported MB Gift cards
  • Fix for checkout with open tickets

For more information on this update or any other MobileBytes feature, please call us at 907-243-2683 or fill out the form below:

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Lynn literally grew up in the point of sale and cash register industry – and is now at the helm of the family business. She enjoys working with local Alaskan businesses, especially restaurants, grocery stores, and retail operations - helping them control costs and increase revenues through well managed point of sale solutions. Besides running the company, Lynn has also served on the Board of Directors, and as Chairman of the Board, for the Retail Solutions Provider Association.

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