Reminder - Time Critical Action Required for MICROS 3700 Customers!


We have an identified an issue with your MICROS 3700 Point of Sale system that will prevent you from accepting credit cards unless you take corrective action.   

Note if you are using the Merchant Link Gateway - on April 15th of this year, the encryption protocol that your credit card processing gateway uses will no longer accept any inbound communications that are not TLS 1.2 or higher.  You MUST update your system before then. 

For other gateways, please contact your processor for deadlines/upgrade requirements.

FAQ: - Read Below

What is TLS and why is this happening? 

There are several vulnerabilities within the SSL and early TLS encryption protocols used by the majority of credit card processors.  This has caused several high-profile breaches due to weaknesses within the protocols.  Due to this vulnerability, the PCI Data Security Standards Council has mandated that all Acquirers, Processors, Gateways and Service Providers must provide a TLS 1.1 or greater service offering by June 2018.  However, some gateways are mandating that all of their merchants should be changed far in advance Merchant Link, the most common gateway, has listed their cutoff as April 15th, 2018 Click here for more information from the PCI Council.

What does this mean for you? 

Call our Help Desk at 855-412-2838 and let them know you’d like to schedule an upgrade to your driver for RES 3700 to be compatible with the latest TLS version.  For Merchant Link, they will schedule a time (typically before hours) to accomplish this.  This process typically takes around 30 minutes or less.  Other gateways may require more time and possibly a MICROS version update. 

For Help Desk customers with a current contract, there should be no charge, as long as you are on a current version that does not require any upgrade. 

For non-contract customers, please call us for a quote.  Also, if you are on Windows XP you will need to upgrade/replace your server – please call us for a quote. 

 There are three options you can do to avoid losing the ability to process credit cards: 

1.  Upgrade your system.     You will also need to upgrade to a newer version of the 3700 credit card driver.  Please contact us for a quote on the cost to upgrade.   Please note: If you are still using Windows XP on your back-office PC, you will need to upgrade this as well. 

2.  Move to stand-alone credit card terminals provided by your current credit card processor.  This will enable you to use your existing equipment, but no credit cards will be processed through MICROS/Oracle.  Please note:  you will need to manually balance your credit cards terminals with the MICROS 3700 nightly.   We can assist with programming your system to affect this change for a small fee. 

3.  Convert to our new iPad based Point of Sale system, MobileBytes.  We’ve converted many MICROS/Oracle systems to MobileBytes in the past two years and our customers love the low cost, free support and modern features it provides.   

How can I be notified about updates like these in the future? 

You can stay up to date on the latest MICROS/Oracle news here at  Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter! 

My credit card processor isn’t responding to me about credit card terminals.  Can we get them from you? 

Yes.  Skurla’s is a credit card processing provider and can usually meet or beat your existing rates and assist you with getting new stand-alone terminals. 


Contact our Customer Support Department

Or call 907-243-2683 and let us know how we can help you.


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