Reminder - Merchant Link is Shutting Down

By Thomas Greenman | Nov 26, 2019 3:29:09 PM

Just a reminder that Merchant Link is shutting down their payment gateway on December 31st, 2019. 

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Merchant Link is Shutting Down

By Thomas Greenman | Sep 27, 2019 4:37:00 PM

Merchant Link recently sent out a notification that their payment gateway will be shutting down on December 31st, 2019. Merchant Link was acquired by Shift4, and their goal is to convert customers over to the their new payment gateway.

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Going Mobile - A Benchmark of Mobility Maturity in the Restaurant Industry

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | May 30, 2019 12:31:27 PM

A recent report and survey from Oracle Food and Beverage discusses:

  • Why executives are investing in mobile technology today.
  • How your peers are using mobility to reduce costs and improve guest experience.
  • What future benefits mobility can bring to your restaurant.

See below for some very interesting statistics on how mobility can positively impact your restaurant!

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40 Reasons Why Restaurant Owners Should Choose Oracle Food and Beverage Technology

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jan 23, 2019 3:27:00 PM

We wanted to share with you some of the reasons restaurant owners are choosing Oracle Food and Beverage technology.

Here is a blog post from Shannon Straub, a Field Marketing Specialist at Oracle:

If you’re a restaurant owner, choosing the right technology partner can be a challenge. There’s so much to think about – features and capabilities, cost, training…you can find a full checklist here.

However, two factors that every restaurant owner needs to have on their list are:

  1. Stability of the technology vendor
  2. Vendor’s industry expertise
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What Will Your Restaurant Look Like In 2025? Take a Sneak Peak To See If You Will Be Ready

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Dec 28, 2018 10:16:18 AM

Six years from now - what will the future look like for your restaurant, your customers, your employees?

When you think about the recent rapid changes in technologies and how it has affected the way consumers shop, find restaurants and order their food - in 6 years we could see some radical effects on the ways restaurants will operate - and these new technologies will impact those that survive and thrive and those that won't be here anymore.

From biometrics to robotics, Oracle Food and Beverage surveyed restaurateurs and consumers to explore which technologies they believe will be widespread in the food and beverage industry by 2025.  Among the topics Restaurant 2025 explores: artificial intelligence, biometrics/facial recognition/3D imaging, robotics, voice activation, wearable technology, virtual reality, drones, and 3D printing.

How will new technology change the way that you run your restaurants?  Here is a sampling of what they found out:

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A Truck Collides with our Building and a Major Earthquake

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Dec 5, 2018 1:10:44 PM

It was quite a month for many Alaskans - like surviving a major earthquake, just to name one thing. 

(Click here for the  link to see Jesse "saving" his coffee during the quake).

We have had over 1,800 aftershocks as of yesterday, roads are being repaired, schools are still closed, but no one suffered serious injury - amazing.

At Skurla's, we also started the month with a "jolt" - literally. On November 19th, a truck careened into the front wall of our office.  It destroyed the conference room wall, many of the contents, and part of Jeff's office. We are so grateful that this happened before we opened - the outcome could have been much different.  See pictures below!

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Visa Purchase Return Authorization Mandate

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Nov 20, 2018 1:04:00 PM

From TSYS and VISA:

Visa is introducing an authorization requirement for return (cardholder refund) transactions. Authorizing a return enables the card issuer to validate the cardholder account, decline potentially fraudulent cards, and minimize chargebacks if the account does not exist or is closed. The return authorization message is intended to improve the return process by enabling cardholders to view a credit/return on their online banking statement in real time, as well as support other issuer services such as text alerts, in order to improve the cardholder experience and minimize return inquiries.

Important Dates:

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New Oracle MICROS Help Desk Information

By Thomas Greenman | Oct 30, 2018 11:24:58 AM

Skurla’s Point of Sale Solutions  is changing over to a new Oracle MICROS Help Desk partner effective October 31st, 2018. 

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Should Restaurants and Hotels Invest in Mobile Apps?

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Sep 26, 2018 10:21:05 AM
  • Do consumers around the world use branded mobile apps from restaurants and hotels?
  • How frequently do they use them?
  • How does branded app use compare to that of third party booking and other hospitality apps?

 Oracle Food and Beverage surveyed 15,000 global consumers to assess their appetite for restaurant and hotel branded apps.

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Oracle Hospitality - Now Oracle Food & Beverage

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jul 16, 2018 1:10:50 PM

On Monday, July 16, 2018, Oracle officially launched Oracle Food & Beverage, their new business unit dedicated to serving their customers and partners in the food service sector.

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