Oracle Hospitality - Now Oracle Food & Beverage

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jul 16, 2018 1:10:50 PM

On Monday, July 16, 2018, Oracle officially launched Oracle Food & Beverage, their new business unit dedicated to serving their customers and partners in the food service sector.

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Oracle Hospitality Advisory for MICROS e7 Customers

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Nov 13, 2017 12:47:13 PM

Since Oracle’s purchase of MICROS and the completion of the existing MICROS Dealer program to the Oracle Partner Network, the e7 Point of Sale system has seen challenges in maintaining existing installations.

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From Oracle Hospitality - How can you streamline day-to-day functions?

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jul 23, 2017 1:32:05 PM

Here are some great resources from Oracle Hospitality (MICROS) to help improve your restaurant operations:

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Tablets in Restaurants: How Long Should They Last?

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jun 28, 2017 3:27:02 PM

We wanted to share this blog post from Oracle Hospitality discussing the use of tablets in restaurants.

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Oracle Hospitality - MICROS RES 3700 Release 5.5

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | May 24, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Features and Updates for Release 5.5

This chapter describes the new features and functionality updates contained in this release.

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From Oracle Hospitality: Trends Influencing Point of Sale (POS)

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | May 19, 2017 2:04:55 PM

From Oracle Hospitality - Trends Influencing Point of Sale:

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What Do Consumers Want from a Restaurant Loyalty Program?

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Mar 29, 2017 10:55:00 AM
A Big Opportunity

Oracle conducted a global consumer survey to identify key attributes of successful restaurant loyalty programs and benefits that members most value.  We happy to provide you with a copy of this report (see below).

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What Are the Top Priorities for Food and Beverage Operators in 2017?

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Feb 10, 2017 4:10:20 PM

It is still early in the new year, so we thought this would be appropriate to share with our food and beverage operators.

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Oracle MICROS Power Up Promotion - Simphony

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jan 12, 2017 4:33:46 PM

If you are using MICROS or Oracle Hospitality hardware and software in your business, they have a FANTASTIC offer for you. To thank you for your loyalty, Oracle would like to upgrade you to the latest Simphony POS.

A fantastic offer for you from Oracle Hospitality  - 

  • The latest restaurant POS technology with support for point of sale, inventory, labor, loyalty, reports, and more
  • The latest POS terminals stylish and built to last
  • A discounted price for a very limited time only
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Restaurant Technology Trends for 2017

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jan 9, 2017 4:52:28 PM

Restaurateurs weigh in on what technology they will be focusing on in 2017

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Integrated Fingerprint Reader for Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Series

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jan 5, 2017 10:05:46 AM

Oracle Hospitality now has an integrated fingerprint reader availabe for the MICROS Workstation 6 Series:

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Oracle Critical Patch Updates

By Thomas Greenman | Jan 4, 2017 2:38:42 PM

From Oracle Regarding Critical Patch Updates and Security Alert Notifications:

"Our customers should be encouraged to always keep their software current.  To help facilitate this, customers can sign up to receive quarterly Critical Patch Updates and Security Alert notifications.  The Critical Patch Update (CPU) is the primary mechanism for the release of all security bug fixes for all Oracle products. Critical Patch Updates are released quarterly on the Tuesday closest to the 17th of the month in January, April, July, and October. In addition, Oracle retains the ability to issue out of schedule patches or workaround instructions in case of particularly critical vulnerabilities and/or when active exploits are reported "in the wild." This program is known as the Security Alert program. 

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The New Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family

By Lynn Skurla Perkins | Jan 3, 2017 4:38:00 PM

New from Oracle Hospitality  - Deliver exceptional guest experiences with the Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family*.  Three sleek yet rugged point-of-sale (POS) terminals deliver superior performance and maximum efficiency with style.

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