Qinarmuit is Now Using the Aurora Alaska Tough Grocery System


Tuntutuliak, a Yup’ik Eskimo village is located about 40 miles from the coast of the Bering Sea.  Qinarmuit Corporation in Tuntutuliak recently added the Aurora Alaska Tough Grocery System to their store.  At 440 miles west of Anchorage and 40 miles southwest of Bethel, Tuntutuliak relies heavily on air transportation. Seaplanes can access the village seasonally due to its location on the Kinak River, and barges deliver goods approximately six times a year.  Keeping their store well stocked is important.  And using the sales movement reports can help store managers know what needs to be ordered and when.

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Qinarmuit is also taking advantage of the monthly promo program for their customers through a joint service offered by Skurla's and Pacific Alaska Wholesale (PAW).  Every month, PAW sends a promo file to Skurla's, and they import it into the point of sale system for Qinarmuit.  Stores using this program have shared that their customers love the promos, and it brings increased sales to the store on a monthly basis.

For more information on the Aurora -  Alaska Tough Point of Sale grocery system or the promo program with PAW, either call us at 907-243-2683, or fill out the form below, and someone will get back to you.

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