Springtime in the Park


If you have never been to Denali National Park in the springtime, you are missing out on some incredible wildlife experiences.20190515_220213_2

We have the privilege of traveling to the Park in the spring to help this great group of restaurants reopen for the season (49th State Healy, Prospector's Pizza, Denali Park Salmon Bake and The Overlook).

Operating a restaurant in the Park can be a challenge - in the fall the electricity and heat is turned off, which means bringing their point of sale equipment to Anchorage and storing it for the winter. And in the spring, it means setting it all back up and testing the system to make sure all is working before the busy tourist season begins.

(Photo Courtesy of Jeff Wood

We retest the network, update software, test credit cards, make sure integrations are working, test printing and do any last minute training as needed.

One of the benefits of a cloud solution, such as their MobileBytes Point of Sale system, is that all of the back-end work can be done through the year (menu and employee changes - the rest is just hardware setup and testing.  And training new staff is a breeze!

While the re-opening often requires long hours, sometimes our implementation specialists get to run into the park after hours to experience the wonders of Denali.

And this year, Jeff Wood hit the jackpot - he encountered bears, porcupine, caribou, ptarmigan and moose.

So the next time you are planning a trip north, be sure so stop by one of these restaurants for great food and exceptional hospitality. And take a trip into the park, so that you too can experience a piece of this beautiful wilderness. 

(And check out this amazing bear video, courtesy of Jeff!)


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