New Year - New Skurla's

02/01/2023 02:35 PM By Thomas Greenman

With a New Year under way and Lynn passing the baton (read her article here), we're posting an update on the "State of the Skurla's" and where the business is going with some perspectives by the new owners - the folks you already know: Jesse Dison and Thomas Greenman: 
SKURLAS since 1976-1 (2)

Jesse: I started at Skurla’s 28 years ago, moving from the lower 48 up to Alaska. I didn’t really know anyone so it’s no surprise you become close to people you work with. Skurla’s is a family run business and I really feel like part of their family. John was a great person and mentor, and I remember being invited to Father’s day at their home when my own family was out of town one year.  As for Phyllis, let’s just say “second mom” is the only way to describe her. Working with Gail was also great during the years she was at the business.

Regarding Lynn, have you ever had a big sister or brother that really annoyed you? The one that you fought with all the time, and thought she knows everything and was bossy all the time?

That was our relationship! But the problem was she was usually right on things (most of the time).  I have watched her over the years from raising a posse of children (I remember Connie being born) to becoming the first female Chair of the Board of our industry association RSPA (Retail Solution Providers of America). I have watched the restaurant/retail industry change and Lynn would be there staying ahead of those changes, more often than not putting us right smack dab on the bleeding edge. She also took after her mom in the caring for the employee in the little things that matter: Birthday cakes, Shamrock Shakes, holiday foods, and several other Skurla’s traditions. These things showed that she really cared for her employees.

So, as a little brother that’s still taller than her (like most people), I begrudgingly admit there is probably no one I would rather have worked for. And as far as Thomas and I taking on the Skurla’s legacy, I feel that we have learned a world of knowledge from her, and she has taught us how to take the Skurla’s Point of Sale into the future while keeping the old Skurla’s way intact.

Jesse Dison III
Vice-President / Minister of Company Culture

Thomas: Stepping into someone else’s shoes is a challenge. Stepping into Lynn Skurla Perkins shoes is painful. I mean, I wear a size 11 😂!

All kidding aside, she has been an incredible boss, mentor, and friend. Like once in a lifetime type of incredible. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with her for almost 15 years now, and it’s a bittersweet moment for me. Thankfully, she is still involved with our EdgeServ POS software that we’ve been a part of. So, in some ways it not so much of a goodbye as it’s more of a “see you around” type of thing, even though it seems like myself, her, and Jesse text daily about non-work things. Even when you take the business out of “family run business”, the family part is still here!

Speaking of Skurla’s being a family run business, Julie Greenman is our Office Manager/Controller, and it’s no coincidence that we have the same last name, I’m her husband. My kids know Jesse as “Uncle Jesse” and we’ve even had someone think that he is Julie’s Dad (spoiler alert: he’s not).

For the future, Skurla’s POS Solutions will remain the trusted local partner that our customers rely on. We look forward to being able to continue helping our customers with significant, cost saving solutions that provide incredible value, and cutting-edge technology. As Lynn’s father, John, so often said, “Nothing is more permanent than change,” we’ll continue to embrace change and have fun doing it.

For 2023, we expect to see the continued trend of using emerging technologies to change our businesses for the better, and do more with less. It’s an exciting time to be in the business, full of challenges and opportunities for Alaskans. We hope to see you soon!

Thomas Greenman
President / Sales-Guy

Thomas Greenman