Our Products

Whether you run a small to medium sized bar, restaurant, grocery or retail store, Skurla's has solutions that can help your business thrive. Our POS (Point of Sale) and credit card processing solutions are Alaska's choice for boots on the ground, local service and support.

 With our complete "as a service" programs - one monthly fee that covers hardware, software, and support - we provide amazing value and savings. Include our new dual pricing program where your customers pay the credit card fees, and the savings are a complete game changer for your profit and bottom line.


Solutions for bars that outperform the competition with ease of use, speed, features, and reliability!

Restaurants POS

Solutions for restaurants. From table service, quick service, pizza, breweries, coffee shops and more!

Retail POS

Solutions for all types of retail, speciality retail, and liquor store applications

Grocery POS

Solutions for grocery, village stores, and convenience stores. We specialize in serving rural Alaska stores with EWIC, EBT, and credit card payments.

Payments & Credit Card Processing

Business payment solutions from integrated POS, stand alone terminals, mobile payments, gift cards, and more. Local support, competitive rates, AND programs where you pay NO FEES! Ask us how.

Why should I choose Skurla's as my POS and Payments Provider? We're always in your corner.

We are the industry experts, we are local -  one phone call for all your POS, Online Ordering/eCommerce & Payment needs.

We shop and eat locally; we live and love the Alaska life, our state, and the people. 

Alaska is where we choose to call home – and have for over 40 years.